No one at St. Lawrence is trying to impress you. That’s not to say the service isn’t gracious, thoughtful, and even unrivaled at times; it’s to say that they know the food speaks for itself. There is no picking through the menu, carving out the gluten, meat, or dairy: dishes come as the kitchen intends them too. And for good reason. Having won multiple local and national awards in just the two years they’ve been open, the team—a combined experience of decades in Vancouver's most distinct establishments—can relax and just do what they do best: serve up French food and libations.

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Whenever anyone asks for the 'best pasta spot' in Vancouver, Ask For Luigi is the first off all Vancouverite's lips. Offering an intimate, romantic room, with elegant, informed, and classic service, this Italian-inspired restaurant certainly delivers. Known for its rich yet fresh handmade pasta, the Ask for Luigi enterprise has our generation smitten with pasta again. They also have a team that can deliver to your door, as there is often more demand than the little room can house.

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