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Listed here are our top restaurant choices. Each were dining experiences that either stood out after just one visit, or became rooms we often frequent.

These choices extend from our Editorials page, where all additional café and restaurant reviews can be found, but as more continue to impress and dazzle, they will be added here to our favourites. You can also use our Concierge page to browse through more of our reviews we've sorted by other categories like city or neighbourhood.


A blend of classical German fare with contemporary European cuisine, Bauhaus' menu is one of the only delectably old-world dining experiences Vancouver has to offer. The menu at Bauhaus sits among those golden rarities where the fare placed in front of you will send a tingle up your spine. Pupils dilated and mouth watering, you're left in awe of both the presentation on the plate and the pop of colour coming not from paint or sculpture, but from the manipulation of earth's own gifts. It's easy to think there is no rarer beauty than what can be seen growing in nature, but Bauhaus has challenged that with the artworks they create solely from our natural environment.


Featuring an incredulously-priced happy hour and an unrivalled weekend brunch menu, L'Abattoir deploys traditional French cuisine while utilizing modern techniques with Cascadian harvests 7 days a week. Embodying farm-to-table ideology, the kitchen focuses on local, sustainably-raised meats, but also offers chicly-plated herbivore share plates. Themed in honour of the neighbourhood's meat-packing and rowdy-natured, mid-1800's history, carnivore entrées replenish tired bodies, and craft cocktails remain rumour-worthy. A remarkably redeveloped, brick-encased dominion, the restaurant ties together four unique dining rooms including a consistently booked, exclusive dinner series' hall that sits adjacent to Vancouver's electrifying Blood Alley. Stay tuned for more of our review coming soon.

Farmer's Apprentice

A seasonally inspired, ecologically focused masterpiece of the culinary arts, Farmer's Apprentice offers set menus for both herbivore and omnivore palates. Plates change routinely to reflect the ebb and flow of local agriculture, as well as to illustrate what daily inspiration the award-winning kitchen has drawn from. Sourcing entirely from "artisan growers" and local agronomists, Farmer's Apprentice is a global leader in sustainability. Supporting tens of avant-garde, family-owned farms within the Lower Mainland, this fairytale of a room showcases the art of locavore cuisine like no other. Stay tuned for more of our review coming soon.


Executive Chef Michael Robbins is absolutely one of the greatest masters in the Canadian culinary arts. His humility behind the kitchen counter is remarkable for the tour de force created under his direction. Service is a ballet as each plate is arranged in front of you, choreographed with elegance and ease. Each course intoxicates. Every bite delivers retreat from all stimuli around you as you take in the earth's most exquisite pickings with little notice of anything else in the room: there's nothing more salient than the vision and taste before you. AnnaLena is Modern Canadian in its finest hour. Stay tuned for more of our review coming soon.


Finally a hotel restaurant that understands good food. Botanist replaces the outdated and bleak ORU restaurant, bring vitality to the second floor of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel's publicly accessible area. Sourcing from "backyard" farms and producers with thoughtful agriculture methodologies, Executive Chef Hector Laguna was brought in as someone who understands that a great dish largely depends on understanding soil ecology. Drawing inspiration from the mountainous, oceanside region responsible for bringing a global clientele to its lodging, both Botanist's menu and its cocktail list are exceptional Pacific Northwestern Cuisine. Stay tuned for more of our review coming soon.

Osteria Savio Volpe

In genuine Italian style, at Savio Volpe you’re greeted with warmth and vivacity. Owners Craig Stanghetta, Paul Grunberg, and Chef Mark Perrier are hands-on and proud to work alongside their sophisticated (and dapper) staff. Styled as an Osteria — an Italian tavern known for its simplicity in menu with offerings of regional wines — Savio brings dinner back to a rustic ritual of nightly unwind. Large, scaling windows help deliver the sentiment of countryside grazing under the sinking sun. A wood-fire oven roasts your meat and poultry, and each pasta is handmade in-house with an emphasis on traditional flavours and seasonings from the region. Dishes are kept classic, yet burst with taste and freshness. Stay tuned for more of our review coming soon.

Burdock & Co

Proprietor and head chef Andrea Carlson opened Burdock & Co in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant area with a philosophy of observing the restaurant's locale: the Pacific Northwest of Canada. Deeply in tune with the conscientious growing methodologies of local, small-batch farmers and foragers, Carlson and her sous chefs source from BC's top islands, fields, valleys, and even urban gardens. A cuisine made to emphasize community and a professionally curated wine list that focuses on biodynamic practises, Burdock humbly contends that the raw materials are what direct the divine flavour of each dish. Stay tuned for more of our review coming soon.


Nightingale has championed mass-service Modern Canadian cuisine with award-winning excellence. The rousing, new, and much larger sister establishment to Vancouver's long-celebrated Hawksworth Restaurant, Nightingale does Farm-to-Table, seasonal, and local without losing the pace. As founding Chef David Hawksworth's second Vancouver venture, the establishment brands itself as a more "fun" and "social" take on what Hawksworth is known for: fine dining.

The Acorn

The Acorn is an award-winning restaurant with a reputation that speaks for itself. With an all-vegetarian menu and a seasonal "Harvest" dish featuring the region's most flavourful veggies, you never feel like anything could be missing from the menu, even if you're a meat devotee. An intimate space, innovative cocktail list, and penchant for detail round off why we love this impressive, plant-based envoy. Stay tuned for more of our review coming soon.

Royal Dinette

A restaurant that truly exemplifies its "Farm to Downtown" branding, we first heard about it from Harvey's Organics at the Trout Lake Farmers Market. Each dish at Royal Dinette features carefully chosen details like ribboned squash, nettle pesto, sorrel or lovage garnish, noteworthy morels, herring roe, or smoked crème fraîche. Known for its conscious cooking, this downtown kitchen has always been ahead of its game by showcasing class and distinction, but also by introducing previously unknown flavours into Vancouver's food scene.