FÖDAkost is a celebration of real food. During the second half of the 20th century, cuisine endured a steep decline in its authenticity. The purpose of food––to nourish and bring people together––was lost along the way. Fortunately, in recent years, celebrated chefs, farmers, and diners themselves have pushed back, creating a culinary landscape that honours its history.

My ancestry is a duality of Swedish and German. Föda means nourishment in Swedish and kost means fare in German. I believe in honouring history because looking at our anthropological past brought sincerity, and taste, back to food.

Finding restaurants and cafés that honour their place, their time, and their people.


At FÖDAkost, the Editorials page follows me through the discovery of new menus, new rooms, and new cities, all with original photography and personal commentary to match. My page, The Finest, lists my favourite restaurants and cafés: those which I return to consistently and always recommend. The Concierge page can be used as a guide to find cafés and restaurants by type or neighbourhood.

FÖDAkost also serves as a tool for weeding out the marketing nonsense: it utilizes skills learned through a half-decade of investigative journalism to dig at sourcing methods, culinary techniques, creativity, and virtuosity of each establishment that is reviewed. 

There are countless cutting-edge restaurants in every city around the world, but there is also a lot of racket. Who, trulyis an innovator in today's culinary world? Who, genuinely, respects the land their produce grows in? Who, honestly, understands the flavour that comes from ecologically-informed growing practises? Well, FÖDAkost is here to be your guide.