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Restaurant editorials 


Exploring nourishment from its roots in Historical Ecology to its rejuvenation in modern-day High Cuisine. FÖDAkost is a celebration of real food. 

During the second half of the 20th century, cuisine endured a steep decline in its authenticity. The purpose of food––to nourish and bring people together––was lost along the way. Fortunately, in recent years, celebrated chefs, farmers, and diners themselves have pushed back, creating a culinary landscape that honours its history.

At FÖDAkost, the Predilections page lists our favourite restaurants and cafés: those which we return to consistently and often recommend. The Editorials page follows us through the discovery of new menus, new rooms, and new cities, with original photography and personal commentary to match. The Concierge page can be used as a guide to find restaurants by neighbourhood, type, or day open.